ChatChit is the next generation mobile network designed specifically for your needs.

We’re a fresh new provider with a cheeky edge that’s doing things differently and rewarding its members.

Unlike other mobile networks, we don’t put the costs of overpriced marketing campaigns into our price plans. This means we’re able to pass the savings onto the customers and offer the lowest prices whilst still providing the very best quality and award winning unbeatable 4G service.

This makes ChatChit the best value for money SIM card on the market.

With decades of experience in telecommunications, we have listened to the feedback of the general public to create a service that people want. We wanted to take the positive aspects of both Pay-as-you-go and Contract services and eliminate the negatives.

This resulted in us creating a unique hybrid SIM Card with all the low-cost benefits of a long-term contract with the freedom and flexibility of Pay-as-you-go.

Contract-as-you-go was born!

YOU are in complete control.

With the lowest costs, highest flexibility and best UK coverage, now is the time for you to join the ChatChit movement, click here to review our SIM bundles.

Our ChatChit partners & Influencers offer a wide range of products and services to our members, including help and advice, getting fit, to making you laugh and inspiring you.

We always love hearing from you, so free to click on the Contact Us section and reach out to us with any ideas of new content you want to see and how we can give more value to you.

ChatChit are committed to making a difference, therefore we give 5% of annual company’s profits to charities that fall within the following scopes: